August 01, 2010

hello, friends! the show is up and ready to see you!

Chamber's Walk has had me on their artists' schedule to display my photographs since 2008. I remember speaking with family about it at my sister's engagement party in November of that year. I was so grateful to have the opportunity to show my photos again and excited by the possibilities of the next project I would undertake. This one was going to be good!

Fast forward two and a half years and it is now June. With one move, one new job and a yoga teaching certification later, my life has taken a total 180 and I had no new photo project to show for it. At least not the kind I had planned on. Documenting the 90 year old tinker toy man and his wife in the Florida Keys was not in my future.

Turns out getting ones shit together is an all encompassing project in and of itself. Taking control over some things I had let slide, I realized as I scrambled to put together a show in 3 weeks (which I would not advise doing) that I was the photo project. Well, not me, like cheesy self portraits, but me as in my experiences, my surroundings, my friends, my life over this past year. Keeping a camera close by at all times, this collection of photographs is near and dear and would not be possible with out the help and support of great friends and a wonderful family!

I hope you will all help me celebrate at the reception on August 28th from 5-6pm at Chamber's Walk, 2667 Main Street, Lawrenceville, New Jersey. Here are some of my favorites...

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